Seamless Integration
and Testing Solutions


OutSys Commitments
  • Develop straightforward yet
    powerful products and services
  • Help its customers to achieve
    their performances and
    time to market goals
  • Build solid, loyal and mutually
    rewarding relationships
    with its customers
  • Generate value for its owners,
    partners and employees

  • On the market since 2000, OutSys is a privately held and independent business whose mission is to provide an integrated range of services and products that allow its customers to focalize on their core business, not on their systems.

    As system integrator our main area of expertise is the telecommunication provisioning infrastructure as whole: network devices, appliances, equipments, services and applications. In such field, OutSys can help, support, lead or even, if requested, entirely outsource, the analysis, design, development and implementation processes required to flawlessly join together all the heterogeneous systems needed to perform a proficient provisioning.

    As natural complement to the integration consulting activities, OutSys develops and customizes heavy load infrastructure provisioning services such as, DHCP, CWMP, TFTP, etc. whose main features are their industrial and telecommunication grade strength and high availability, straightforward and non-intrusive integration with existing infrastructures and an easy administration.

    One of the most time and resource consuming task of the provisioning processes, is the testing needed to be performed, both on the server and IP device sides, when a new feature, hardware, firmware or software release has to be introduced on the field. In order to overcome the burden and speed up such process and reduce its cost, OutSys design and develops automated test suites.