Seamless Integration
and Testing Solutions


A Few Wise Words
Robustness Principle:

Be liberal
in what you accept
and conservative
in what you send
RFC-1122 by Jon Postel

OutSys develops system engineering solutions and software products that enable its customers to focus on their core business by providing them with the necessary expertise and tools.

By employing OutSys services and solutions, and leveraging on its proven know-how, businesses can effectively trim their critical Time-to-Market window, while overall improving their customers experience.

[2008-03-25] • New job opportunities: ANSI C DEVELOPERS.
See the CAREERS page for more infos .

[2008-02-15] • CWMP Traffic Generator Solution 1.0 - Beta 2 released.
Full TR-069 stack compliant tool that can emulate thousands of concurrent clients in order to assert the load capability and resilience of a provisioning server.

[2008-01-31] • IGMP Probe 1.0 – Candidate 1 released.
Tool to assert the IGMP Join/Leave latency.